I can not do this …

Over and over in the news in the last couple days I hear parents panicking over the idea of supervising the studies of their children. They feel that they are ill-equipped for the challenges of imparting knowledge to the young people in their care.

They say,”I can not do this.”

Feel confident that if you have been capable of teaching your child to brush his teeth or tie his shoes or ride his bike that you are capable of helping with academics.

If you have been able to get him to pick up his clothes and clean his room and do his homework before bedtime then you can help him keep up and even thrive during this time of social distancing.

But I am not a mathematician, scientist, PE teacher, music teacher so how can I teach these subjects
You do not have to be an expert in any of the topics. There are many resources available to help you help your child or help your child self-teach.

But I do not remember how to do algebra or diagram sentences. If you do not remember something and show your child that it is ok to be a lifelong learner that is a good learning experience as well.

While your school may have given you firm instructions on what to cover that might not be the case.
Be aware that your student can cover significantly more material in less time with the fewer distractions of home so even if the school provided worksheets and review materials you may have lots of free time.

Seize this opportunity to do a couple of things with your child.

Find out if he or she is really on grade level without any holes or gaps in their knowledge.

If you are unsure of your abilities in any of the subjects, take the placement tests with your child and review and learn from where you are at as well.

Have fun while learning.

What if my child’s suggested level from placement tests is below grade-level?
If the suggested level is below the grade that your child is in school then strongly consider that this is pointing out things that your child has missed and that this is an awesome time to remedy that lack. In fact, you might want to engage in a power review back to the basics including phonics and basic arithmetic. Only by having a secure foundation can higher learning happen successfully.

You can do this well and have fun doing it. And EscapeVelocityEducation will show you all the materials to help you do it.

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