Escape Velocity Education

Achieving Escape Velocity

The purpose of most educational programs is to achieve a level of competence such that the student is able to proceed without assistance. When the endeavor is taken as a whole the student can achieve escape velocity and be able to continue from the sphere of influence of their school and family for that topic and learn on their own.

Whether you are a parent of a public school student, a private school student, or a home school student the responsibility for insuring your child's readiness is shared between the parent and the child. In the beginning, the parent has more knowledge of the best things for the child's success and as time goes on the child's role becomes the larger. If you are approaching education as an adult who did not achieve the sort of success during formal education as you would have liked, you realize that the responsibility for remedying this issue rests with you.

About Me

From second and fifth grades until the end of high school, I worked with my children as a homeschool teacher, coordinator, bus-driver, cheerleader, and transcript compiler.

During this time, I became aware of many resources that are available to anyone wishing to ensure their children's education or supplement their education as an adult. Many of these materials are free, while others range in prices from nominal to expensive. I would like to share some of what I have found with you.

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